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Around Peking (China)

In this album some pictures from my 1-2 days short trips with public transport to the most important sights around Peking. Although the distances are not so huge (up to 70-80 km) it takes about 2,5-3h one way to get there from the centre of Peking. Comfort ist not the highest, but the experience straight from the „real life” :)

Of course the first place to visit around Peking ist the Great Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are few restored touristic places, where you can get easily but it will be mega-crowdy. If you prefer to experience more remote and ruinous places (like me) there are some nice spots for that too (the best ask your chinese friends to look it up for you in internet) and you will be able to see some other already from the bus or train while travelling to/from Peking.

The 13 Ming Dynasty Imperial Tombs, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site (link ENG, link_wiki, link_wiki_POL). The site,  where lie the mausoleums of thirteen emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), is located 50 kilometers northwest from Beijing City, at the foot of Tianshou Mountain.

Yinshan Pagoda Forest was for me like a discovery of a forgotten jewel!  This not very famous site may be located only 5km from the Ming Tombs, however it is on the opposite side of the mountain, which make a trip there with public transport about 2h long! Nevertheless it was so much worth to visit the Pagoda Forest. Featured by the beautiful natural landscapes and a forest of pagodas, this intriguing scenic area lures anyone who gets there… and not many people do! There was no other tourist at the time I visited the place! For me this site is a MUST if you have few days in Peking!!